Mum Guilt / Wife Guilt.

So I am writing this drinking a latte eating a shortbread biscuit whilst having my hair coloured for the first time in over 6 months. And guess what I feel guilty as hell. Not just my normal guilt for the fact the kids are at nursery and I am not being a good mum and looking after them,or cooking and crafting etc with them. But also guilt towards my husband for the fact that he is working hard and I am dong nothing.

How crazy is that? Or is it actually justified as I should be doing something more proactive, working on the business, or sorting the house out cause let’s be honest the house looks like a bomb has gone off in it.

But considering how crappy I have been feeling recently won’t it best I have some me time? You can’t pour from an empty cup as my darling husband often tells me. But this is just another thing that causes me wife guilt. In view of honesty I do have my nails done regularly and have started having regular facials. ok Ok Ok I do deserve my guilt for my varity.

I can’t even begin to tell you how bad I feel when I actually not only plan but have brunch or lunch with my friends whilst my husband works hard for me, and the family. Am I the only one?

Anyway, my hair is cut and colored now and I love it. My wonderful selfie skills do not do Alice Olivia‘s work justice. if you live locally to us I highly recommend you go and see her.

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