Primary School Placements and Easter Holidays

Primary School Placements:

If 5 years ago you had told me how stressed out I would get about what primary school my children went to I would of laughed. I mean they are 5 years old, all they do is play and all schools are the same aren’t they.

Fast forward 5 years and I was a nervous wreak waiting to find out which primary school Oakie bear was going to go to, now luckily she got into the school I prayed for. I have worked with our local village school for the last 18 months, and have since discovered, exactly how hard teachers work at all ages and how important the feeling you get from a school is. I hope all of you in the same stage of parenthood had as much luck as we did.

Easter Holidays:

Other than waiting for primary school placements are Easter holiday was just the long weekend to be honest. But, it was packed, easter egg hunt at Coughton Court (National Trust place near us in Warwickshire) with friends from nursery, a visit to my mother in law, camping in the garden, a lot of food and a fair amount of wine, for me not the kids obviously. Loved being able to use our Unicorn Bamboo Plate and Dinosaur plate.

So now what? The summer is ahead of us and what a summer it is going to be, I can just feel it. We have lots of long weekends for us to all enjoy, especially the big one celebrating Queenie. Yeap I am super excited about the Jubliee. We also have the commonwealth games in Birmingham which we have managed to get some tickets for.

What did you guys all get up to? Let us know.


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