Review of Steiff Ming Panda Bear


I don’t think it’s a secret how much we love Pandas at Rascals HQ, so it’s no surprise we absolutely love this gorgeous soft Steiff panda.

We adore this fella. 27cm Ming is £27.90

“Measuring 27 cm tall, Soft Cuddly Friends Ming panda (relaunch of the original Ming panda) is made of shiny black and white plush, and comes with contrasting paws and a compact, cuddly soft body. He has cute, matching fluffy ears with a “Button in Ear”. The black fur around his eyes and on his shoulders, arms and legs are characteristic of his species.” Steiff’s own words.

But I feel a true review is from a 2.5year old who is poorly, and mine loves him. Which, is incredibly annoying as I want him.

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